Tonight's Schedule



Yaz Hunni! / All Men Died (Sorta)

See two brand new sketch or solo shows birthed right before your eyes. These shows have never been performed on the UCBT stage before. And just like children, some may be good and some may be bad, but somebody out there loves them just the same.

Free to UCB Students with ID
$5.00 - Buy a Ticket

Monsters Exist + Let's Make A Website


We, the world's foremost cryptozoologists, monster hunters, and friends of freaky fauna, will convene at our top-secret headquarters under a grocery store to unveil the year's most fascinating and grotesque new beastly discoveries.

Join rock-star computer programmer Mark Vigeant as he takes audience suggestions and builds and launches a completely new original website onstage- that is, if he can overcome his ego.

Free to UCB Students with ID
$7.00 - Buy a Ticket

Gersenality + Urgent Care


Watch as Eric tries to get on the first page of Google results by doing the most difficult task imaginable - performing 25 to 30 minutes of scripted comedy (almost) by himself.

In this fast-paced, farcical romp set in an NYC Urgent Care, Janet and Lindsay, two fully grown women, struggle against anger issues, expiring health insurance, and the norms of traditional adulthood.

Free to UCB Students with ID
$7.00 - Buy a Ticket

Cage Match NYC


Winner vs Picture Day

Welcome to the world's most dangerous Improv arena, where two mighty teams of gladiators will take the stage to prove who is the best of the best.

Free to UCB Students with ID
$5.00 - Buy a Ticket

Location & Directions

307 W. 26th St, New York, NY 10001

(212) 366-9176