The Cambridge Footlights International Tour Show 2017

Join the Cambridge Footlights, ‘the most renowned sketch troupe of them all’ (Independent), as they embark on another world tour, performing to over twenty thousand people across two continents. This year's tour travels to London, Edinburgh, California, Las Vegas, Chicago, New York and many more. You can expect free-flowing hilarity, excellent original writing and side-splitting character comedy, so don’t miss your chance to see this inventive new offering from the group that launched many comedy greats, including Hugh Laurie, John Oliver, Emma Thompson, Stephen Fry, Sue Perkins and Olivia Colman.

Facebook: /FootlightsTour2017 
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John Tothill, Ruby Keane, Ania Magliano-Wright, Henry Wilkinson, Sam Knights


Ellie Warr

Tour Managers:

Zak Ghazi-Torbati, Lewis Brierly


Susannah Williams

Stage Manager:

Saskia Baylis